New York

State Bank of India, New York Branch will send money transfer/remittances for Deposit customers only. They may choose to open Checking/Money Market Deposit Account. Customer manual and forms are available on our website.

How to Apply For a Remittance to State Bank of India, New York
  • We can send these remittances to 450 branches of SBI in India that are authorized to handle foreign exchange.
  • The remittance may be delayed -

  • If your funds are not immediately available with us
  • If beneficiary details provided by you are incomplete & incorrect
  • Due to network failures/ technical problems outside the control of the sending / receiving branches.
Conversion to Indian Rupees and Exchange Rate applied in India

If the amount in USD is to be converted to Indian Rupees in India, it shall be done by the branch in India to which the SWIFT message is sent. While the exchange rate is not known in advance (due to difference in time zones), exchange rate offered by SBI in India is generally very competitive.

Federal law requires all banks to identify their customers. Open a Checking/Money Market Deposit Account with us. Download the account opening forms (DEP 1 or DEP 3, DEP MC, along with Form ‘Register Recipient) and the remittance request form (RMT 2I).

The forms have a Step-by-Step Guide that will enable you to complete the process effortlessly. For subsequent remittances, you will need to fill only the remittance request form RMT 2I and send it to us by mail, fax (212 521 3363), scanned copy by e-mail ( or submit it in person at the branch. If we do not have your recipient registered with us (through a Form Register Recipient), we shall make a telephone call back to confirm the authenticity of the instruction in order to protect your funds and identity.

For remittances Call: 212-521-3236 / 3317
Fax number: (212) 521-3363
For Checking, Money Market Deposit, CD Accounts Call: 212-521-3219 / 3286
Fax number: (212) 521-3361
For queries related to NRO / NRE / FCNR accounts with SBI branches in India (24/7) Toll free number : 1 866 328 4209
Forms For Form No. Formats Available
Remittance Requests
Indian Rupee INR remittances to any Bank in India / USD remittances to a State Bank Branch in India RMT-2I Fill in PDF
Wire transfers within USA / USD remittances to a non-State Bank Branch in India / Remittances in currencies other than USD / INR RMT-2C Fill in PDF