New York

This is a non-interest bearing account with no restrictions on the number of withdrawals (debits) or deposits (credits). A minimum initial deposit of USD 50 is required to open a checking account. However, monthly service charges are levied if minimum balance is not maintained as follows:

  • Checking account for individual customers in the USA:Nil
  • Checking account for a business/association based in the USA $20,000.00
  • Checking account for an individual customer outside the USA: $10,000
  • Checking account for a business/association based outside the USA: $50,000

A checking account for a non-USA based individual or business/association may be opened as per bank’s discretion, either on the same terms and conditions prescribed for US based customers or on mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Salient Features

Please read the complete disclosure of account terms and fee schedule in the Customer Manual before applying for an account

Customers who have opened a checking account with us can request for an International Debit Card which will be linked to their Checking account. Please read the Consumer Debit Card Agreement before applying for the debit card.

Early closure fees will apply if you close your account within three months of opening your account.

The bank will provide a statement of account at monthly intervals.

Application Forms
Existing Customers Use form DEP-MC (PDF)
New Consumers Use form DEP-MC (PDF) along with form DEP-1 PDF
Debit Card Application Debit Card Application PDF